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What's the weather in March?

It's finally March and I am so ready for spring to arrive! If you are one of the lucky people that already have spring in the air, I'm jealous! I even went out and bought a couple of dresses in hopes that it will bring spring a little faster.

So I typically would have taught weather in kindergarten during this month; so I decided to do a little video on all the activities that I would have my kiddos do during this time.

My Journey from Kindergarten to Fourth

Can I just be completely honest and real with you all right now?

This. Year. Has. Been. Rough.

I moved from one state to another; and it's not just any kind of state y'all I moved from the south to the north. Big change.

I changed from being a kindergarten teacher to a fourth grade teacher.

I changed from teaching all subjects to only teaching reading and writing. Yup. It has truly been the year for change.

I went LIVE on YouTube!

Hey guys! Long time no blog. Well, this is going to be short and sweet. I was getting a ton of sweet emails from viewers on YouTube that are in school and wanted to ask questions for term papers. I mean, how many of you remember having to interview a teacher.... *hands raise up*.

So after much consideration I decided to go LIVE on YouTube to answer those questions and any other that were on their minds pertaining to teaching. I know that many of you reading this blog were either there or couldn't because let's face it we all have lives and just couldn't get there in time to watch. So I am writing this blog post to tell you guys that the video will not be posted on my main channel but it will be posted here for you to watch!

Phonics Instruction! Lessons and Routines!

Teaching phonics in the lower elementary grades can be difficult. Between time, having a structured routine and assessing students' various needs it's important. I finally cam up with my perfect routine that worked for me and for my students.

First off what is phonics? So often teachers get phonological awareness and phonics confused. Here is how I differentiate between the two: phonological awareness is the ability to listen identify sounds. Essentially, you would be able to have your students close their eyes and give you sounds that they hear. Phonics is where students combine phonemic awareness to start attaching sounds and letters and building words.

The instruction that I am going to give you is for phonics instruction. To say that I did that for every small group/child would be a lie! Fortunately not every student needs this. Remember to think about the child when planning your small group instruction. One group may only need one day of phonics instruction each week and some groups may need multiple days where as others do not need any at all.

New Classroom Reveal!

It's been a long time. Too long. All I can say is..... well..... I've got nothing. No excuses. So I've posted this on my YouTube page but I haven't officially given the announcement on my blog!

At the beginning of the school year (August 2015) my husband and I made the decision to move our family. I am originally from Houston, Texas and although my mother and father live in Alabama we kind of all know that Alabama is not our home sweet home.

So we thought long and hard about where we wanted our boys to be raised and Trent and I knew that hands down we wanted them to have all the experiences that he had as a child. Growing up on a farm with space to ride dirt bikes and play in the creek and just be boys is what we want to give them and it's just not possible to do that in Alabama.

Field Trip, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day Tea!!!! OH MY!!!!

What a crazy week this is for me! Between a field trip, Cinco de Mayo and a Mother's Day Tea on Friday we are busy busy busy!

So I have a few ideas for you guys.

Let's start with Cinco de Mayo. I have quite a few hispanics in my classroom and being that my sweet family is from Mexico it was only fitting that we talk about my culture and that of so many sweet kiddos in my class.

We start the day with reading these books. They are informative and just so dang cute.

After reading the informational book we talked about ur learning and I would have my students write an information text with an opinion during writing.

The next activities are crafty and fun. Sometimes it's okay to have fun. Especially when you are nearing the end of school and all you want is to enjoy those sweet babies.

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