2014 in review

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

I cannot believe that 2014 has come to a bitter sweet end. This year has been amazing to say the least. Here is my 2014 year in review. 

10 Highlights
1. My little addition to our little family greeted us in early January. Blaine Daniel Spackman was born on January 10, 2014 weighing 7lbs 8oz. 

2. I graduated classrooms! I went from a smaller class with no windows to a much larger room with an ENTIRE WALL of WINDOWS! 

3. My husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Is is terrible to say that I feel like I have known this man forever??? He is a fantastic man who would bend over backwards for me and I am beyond appreciative for him. 

4. My older son, Ian, had a speaking part in his grade level music program. We practiced so much and I was very proud of him! 

5. We got a beach house!... Well .... my in-laws got a beach house and it is heaven. The smell, the sand, the 10 second walk to the beach, restaurants, and the environment is everything I had ever thought it would be. 

6. My school got iPads! I love having this bit of technology in the classroom. 

7. Daily 5 has officially been thrown out the window! 

8. Writing has been over the top fantastic in my classroom this year. My kiddos are doing a fantastic job and the growth from the beginning of the year is phenomenal. 

9. My Dad moved backed to Alabama! He has been working in Texas for the past two years and we are so happy to have him back home. 

10. Blaine is... {pause}... get ready... WALKING! Ohmygoodness. 

10 Disappointments:
1. As much as I tried I just could not maintain a cleaning schedule in my house. With sweet Blaine taking away my sleep, school taking so much energy, and... well... LIFE. I can fall asleep at a second's notice. It's really sad. 

2. I tried this "new" system that I preached would work and yet my little idea turned to dust and I am back to square one... kind of... *wink wink* More to come on that!

3. DID I MENTION THAT I WAS CAUGHT IN A SNOW STORM! Y'all it was awful! Now, I know that some of you from the North are laughing your tail feathers off, but truly it was like nothing I had ever seen in Alabama. My sweet boy was only four weeks old and I got stuck at the school, with my baby and Ian with no way back. Ugh. It was a whole kind of mess.

4. I am a big believer in classroom community and teaching kids to be self reflective on their actions, but y'all my sweet class just could not pull that together and we had to revert to a behavior system. It broke my heart to have to do that, but I needed them to care a little more about their actions. 

5. I initially decided to implement these 'center' choices that my kiddos could do after finishing their target goal in reading or during their activity time at the end of the day.... but NOPE. Nada. Nothing. Failed. At least I get to start new and fresh right!? RIGHT!?!?!?!?

6. Planning my time/days. I made this super nice planner and got all of the fancy shmancy stuff for it, and I hardly used it! I am terrible about writing things down. I always think to myself "Oh, yea don't forget to do that Bridget" or "That is super important, Bridget" but nothing happens. It's like I am magically waiting for my thoughts to appear on paper. Ha! Fat chance of that!

7. I also attempted to make my own household cleaners, and although I do still use the vinegar/scented oil all the time some of the time, the other failed with a capital F. The Mister is just too picky and I am too lazy to try and remedy that with organic materials. 

8. Getting my gigantic hiney on our elliptical machine! Nuf said. 

9. I haven't opened my National Board Certification binder. I really need to get going on that. 

10. Sad that my little guy is still not sleeping through the night. I am completely sleep deprived. 

3 Game Changers:
1. Having to adjust my work schedule to fit my family's needs. Blaine goes to a home daycare that has teacher work hours. When I was once able to get to work at 6:30 and leave whenever now has changed to a 7:00-4:00 J.O.B.

2. I got a Fitbit for Christmas and I am loving how motivated I am! I want to be healthier! I want to walk and change the way I have been eating. It is awesome!

3.  I attended a conference and I was blown away some fantastic educators. They made me feel renewed and capable of anything. 

3 Things You Focused On:
1. Getting more of my class organized. I have spent the past two weeks of holiday break getting my classroom more organized. 

2. Small group lesson plans. I have finally found a template that I heart every so much! In fact, a sweet co-worker shared this with me and I have loved it ever since. 

3. Taking better pictures. I took a photography class in High School and it has been hard to 'jump back on the bike' if ya get what I am spilling to ya. 

3 Things You Forgot:
1. To be completely honest I am sure that there are a bazillion of different things that I have forgot. I blame on my pregnant brain.... and yes. My baby is 11 months old. *sigh*

2. Taking more pictures of my class in action. I guess it didn't help that I lost my camera charger. See!... Exhibit A! 

3. What else was I gonna write??????

Overall, this year has been filled with happiness, excitement, sadness, pain, love, and all those itty bitty feelings in between. I have learned so much and I grow as a mother, wife, teacher, daughter and a sister everyday. Life is hard. If it wasn't it would not be worth living. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for my family. My hopes is to be able to share it all with you. 

Happy New Year sweet friends!

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