welcome to the letterd classroom

Dear Future Self,

What a brilliant way to begin a new year than with a fantastic new blog. Welcome to my little diary of memories, trials, tribulations, revelations, and discoveries. This is my third year teaching kindergarten and I absolutely adore the kids, teachers, and school that I have been blessed with. I am constantly learning from other professionals, teachers and most importantly my kiddos. My hope for this sweet blog is to share my learning and discoveries with all those who choose to read. Let the journey begin!

As 2015 rapidly approaches I am left rethinking the effectiveness of my teaching, and my PURPOSE in life. Doesn't everyone want to place a mark on the world? To say 'Yup, I did that'. Well, I WANT that.

I attended a workshop with Anne Marie Corgil, and y'all... SHE. IS. FANTASTIC. I wrote down three important things.

1. Stop Talking

2. Growth Mindset

3. Value the Uncommon Core

Mind blowing... RIGHT!?!? I will be back with a look into my world and more on how I am weaving Anne Marie's words into my teaching.

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