Freebie: Valentine Book

Hey there sweet friends!

I was planning up a sweet little activity to do during our low-key Valentine's party. My team has always done a little valentine book that had a small math activity on the back and I decided to make one up and share it with all of you! I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download.

So here is what you do with this goodie. Make a copy of the cover and last page for each kid, then based on the number of kids you will want to make that many copies. For example, I have 20 kids in my class so I subtract one {19... they will most likely NOT give themselves a valentine} than add one from myself {20} and that is how many I want of the middle pages. After the kids are done passing out their valentines they will paste the valentine in the book and write their friend's name on the line. Afterwards, we will complete the activity on the back.

Now you can totally staple and go  and that is just fine but if you have extra hands and enjoy housing a sweat-shop in your room then have a sweet momma paste the cover on a construction paper and the last page on a construction paper {make sure to have the page on the inside of the book NOT the back cover!}. Bind using a binding comb and there you have it! A cutesy little V-Day book.

Enjoy sweet friends! Happy Valentine's Day!

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