Love is in the Air

Last two weeks were good, crazy, cursed, and sweet all at once.

My school hosted Teacher Appreciation week and all of my sweeties brought me in some treats each day. I cannot even begin to express the love and appreciation that I felt that entire week.

Well, time to get down to the needy greedy.

We started off by thinking of what we knew about being a good friend. My kids were awesome with this since we talked about this topic so much at the beginning of the school year. I used the Fill A Bucket series to help with this.

We read the book Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane deGroat. Y'all this book is so very precious! I loved listening to the predictions that my students were making. They even were able to provide supporting details as to why they came up with that prediction. 

At the end of the story we pulled a stick of one special friend in the class and they had to make a sweet valentine and tell what was so special about that person. The things they came up with just warmed my heart. <3

We made some sweet little heart bags and as you can see my independent babies decided to add a little bit of spunk and personality into their creations. 

We passed our candies and had a blast walking around the room, reading everyone's name and just enjoying ourselves. 

The following week, we talked bout our fantastic presidents! Y'all my babies LOVED this unit. They were completely engaged and fascinated with everything Abraham and George.

What is super sweet is when my kids go to library and just HAVE to have books on the topic we are learning about. They are all about sharing their learning and stories with each other.

Okay, so let me go on the record to say that I did have this fantastic unit planned this past week to learn about George and Honest Abe but we had two days with late start and of course we had Monday off and well..... life happens so here is what I got.

We started off with reading Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell. Precious book.

My kiddos then headed off to their {Dessert/Literacy Center} where they enjoyed reading and discussing more books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They were then required to complete a compare and contrast about the two presidents.

Afterwards, we complete the little unit by choosing one of the presidents and doing some research to finish up this little writing.

Oh how I am hoping and praying for a normal week! 

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