table showdown

Do you remember the beginning of the year when everything was perfect? Clean? Neat? Organized? Ready?

I do. Kind of. 

It seems as my kiddos got comfortable in the room they started to lose interest in maintaining a neat space. 

My solution you ask? Well, I have three things that I do randomly to help keep my kids on their toes. 

1. We play find the trash. 

I make a big production of this. I stand on top of the table and look around. I spot one piece of trash that is my secret trash and I have my kiddos go around and pick up whatever they can spot on the floor. They have to come and show it to me before they throw it away. After everything is picked up off of the floor I declare the winner. 

Y'all, my kids get GUNG HO about this little game!

2. I am sure many of you have heard of this favorite; I tell my kiddos a story about the table fairy. She comes around from time to time and leaves a special certificate and treat behind to those who have the most miraculous table.

My expectations are set high at the beginning of the year.

3. Finally, we have a table showdown everyday! Our mascot SuperSteve is on the whiteboard watching my tables. At any moment he moves from one number to the next. Whichever table has SuperSteve's attention at the end of the day gets a tally mark. The table with the most tally marks at the end of the week receives an extra special treat (candy, goldfish, erasers, etc. whatever I have).

I got this cute little guy at Books-a-Million. I ended up purchasing four of them in case one was to ever get damaged or go missing.

So far, this does the trick. My kids love to clean up at the end of the day and they all work collaboratively to get the work done. I love listening to them problem solve and sharing responsibilities. 

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