Morning Work??? Problem Solved!

Morning is an important task. It can either make you or break you. I don’t know about you but if my morning gets going with some rough patches… well… let’s just say it’s a little hard to get back on the horse when you’re missing a leg. I've always had some sort of small activity for my kiddos to do when they enter the room. It allows my students to come in calmly, ready to learn and hopefully allows them to get rid of some of the sleepy eyes. I am a strong believer in giving my students a routine. I like for my morning work to be consistent throughout each nine weeks. 

Now I say each nine weeks because as my students grow in ability so does my morning work. At this time of the year I have my students entering into the classroom and completing a word problem. This truly helps me to see what my students are capable of and I am able to work with students individually that need the extra support. 

I have recently started creating these math problems and I was so excited to share them and get your input. Let me know your thoughts and anything to help improve the math problems. 

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Well hold up!!!! I am NOT about to repeat my self a million times.

I got it.

I'm like you and I hate repeating myself. Here are a few solutions to help you solve that little hiccup:

1. Read them to about 6-8 students and have them say it back. Once they are working, have all entering students ask a buddy… or the famous ask 3 before you ask me. Ugh. Love that sweet little saying. 

2. Introduce the next day's problem at the end of the day. Allow students the opportunity to read it back, share in their own words and even act it out. Talk about front loading... right!?!?

3. Have you heard of 30 hands? FANTASTIC APP! Put this on your phone/Ipad. Take a picture of the problem and record yourself reading the question. Train your sweet peas to go up and press play as they grab their word problem. 

On another note, I am working on this math journal activity that we are doing tomorrow! Can't wait to see how they turn out. #i<3mathjournals

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! I was so super excited to make these word problems and I love challenging my babies in the morning. Thanks for reading!

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