Girl Talk: A Bible Book Study

Hey there sweet friends!

I am so excited to start this sweet book. I am linking up with Kreative in Kinder to complete this very much so needed book study!

Crystal is actually reading this book with her women's church group, and is sweet enough to add her thoughts and reflections with us. I have already begun to read the book and I am touched in so many ways. I can already tell y'all that this book is going to really touch my heart where it is needed.

So here is the breakdown of what you will find on this blog and on hers.

I absolutely *LOVE* that this book is already broken down for you. There are spot to reflect on and to relate back to the bible. Jen Hatmaker does a phenomenal job making the book easy and fun to read. 

So I will catch y'all back on this little bitty blog on Thursday with my own reflection and thoughts. Please consider sharing your feelings. This is a fantastic way to reach out and be inspired by so many wonderfully amazing women! 

Link up with Kreative in Kinder!

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