Girl Talk: Week One: Together

You know that week that just drains every single, itsy, bitsy life out of you? Well let me tell you, that is the kind of week that I felt like I was having. My Mister was gone all week and that means that it is me and my two little crazies and a week FULL of rain... rain... oh wait... and more RAIN. With all of life happening around me it took me a little longer to get this post up.

With all that said... I'm linkin up with Kreative in Kinder to discuss Girl Talk: Week 1. Let's dive on in to this book and open His word!

DAY 1: The Friend in Every Girl

Y'all I was so conflicted with my self reflection. I felt like a little kid deciding whether he wanted chocolate cake or cookies. I was that kid that always moved from one school to another. I was never able to keep my relationships and so I fell into that socially awkward child.

So I got use to being alone. I enjoyed the solitude.

Now my second personality yearns for that relationship. I'm a cancer and SO SUPER SENSITIVE. I beg for the approval and the feedback from others. I want to be "in the group" but just don't know how.

My insecurities don't allow for healthy relationships and when I read and reflected on Matthew 18:2-5 I was hit with such a great realization! I knew that the best to learn from were my students. The innocence, lack of baggage and trust is the way to God and to a healthy relationship with those women that I consider so important in my life.

DAY 2: God's Game Plan

The most valuable information from this chapter was that God never intended for man to be alone. We need the connection and we need each other.

Y'all I need my ladies around me. They are always there to guide me on the right path, to help me during my times of self doubt, and to lift me up when I am down.

DAY 3: Satan's Game Plan

I have always been that girl that feels like she is acting crazy, thinking too deeply into something, or make a mole into a mountain. I have always needed that reassurance to help take me out of the darkness to see the love that everyone around me shows and most importantly the love that GOD shows me each day.

DAY 4: Kings, Queens, and You!

This chapter touched my heart as a momma and as a teacher. Y'all God speaks of the importance of children! These babies are our future. They learn their "ways" before they even leave elementary school. The importance of having a kind role model, teacher, mother, guider, and friend I am is so futile to these sweeties.

I cannot tell you how many times I told myself that things would be different with my children, that I would not make the same mistakes and yet I have encountered numerous times of weakness. I know that I must fight and show strength in providing all the children around me with the correct behavior that should be modeled to creating children of God and vital citizens to our community. 

DAY 5: Gig In: Reckless Trust

This was my day for reflection. I realized more than ever the IMPORTANCE of relationship, community, and children. God has given me the opportunity to walk this life filled with companions and people who care for me. I know now that I am lucky to have Him in my life, and to trust Him whole-heartedly.

Join me next Thursday to share my thoughts on week 2 of Girl Talk: Truth or Dare.

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  1. Loved your post. Thanks for being honest, vulnerable, and real. Love it all!

    <>< Crystal