Look what's hopping in my classroom

Hey there sweet teachers! So the other day I was dropping my youngest little guy off at his home daycare and I got into a discussion with his nanny that I couldn't believe there were only 5 weeks left of school. Well, my bubble was busted when she told me that there was definitely another week pilled onto that. What. A. Bummer.

Y'all I have been dreaming about the beach. It is no secret in my school that I am in desperate need of some QT with the coast of Florida. Se la vi. I might have to sneak away for a quick fix before school is out. Oh my stars.... I'm obsessed!

Moving on to what you peeps came to read about.

I talked about my recent obsession to lap books in this post. I really want my kiddos to have something different to do in reading and their enrichment time in the afternoon. So. I brought the lap books out for some lovin time. I have to admit that I was totally inspired by Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. IN FACT... I purchased her beautiful unit on Earth day and I am so stoked to use this next week!

We start off by displaying four anchor charts that will help facilitate our learning and promote positive discussion and interaction between my students.

Then, I always give my kiddos time to immerse themselves in the literature. They absolutely LOVE to read books together. I cannot tell you how many times I hear "Mrs. Spackman! Mrs. Spackman! Look at this!" It's gotten so crazy that we had to come up with a new strategy in order to keep the learning flowing and everyone on task.

I don't do the Daily 5 in my classroom. Instead we have centers that my students can complete after a few check offs throughout the day.

I finished up my frog unit and I am so excited about it. I made some little changes to see what I liked the most about each one. Like I said, I wanted everything to be a little different to keep my kiddos engaged and on task.

If you are working on frogs this month click on over to my TPT to check out this unit.

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