Classroom Reveal

One of the best things about this time of year is watching classrooms get transformed into these beautiful creations {sigh}. I absolutely love walking around the school and looking into everyone's room. It's creepy but fun!

My classroom has been put together since the first week of July. I've been traveling a bit and knew I wouldn't have the time to get my room up and running and working on Meet the Teacher & Parent Night things. So away I went. Working in my room everyday until it was presentable. I may not have name stuff up yet or everything labeled, but I could start teaching if I wanted to tomorrow.

Well that's a bit much. I know.

I didn't really change much. I kept my same theme... Superheroes. Y'all I've never loved a theme so much. I played it up last year and my kiddos just soaked it all in like sponges. They were always trying to be the hero never the villan.

My math calendar is small. Nothing over-the-top fancy. I do the most of my number and counting jar on the Smartboard. 

I love how much space I have for my whole group area. The carpet is still in great shape and I am hoping that it will last me a few more years until it needs to be replaced. 

I cannot believe how many windows I have. This is one of my favorite things about my room. The lights and the trees just make it such a happy place to be!

And of course a library cannot be a library without a book stand featuring all of my favorites for the theme that week. Now it's all prepped for the first three days of school!

I did add some christmas lights under my word wall. I like the effect it has. My words have a magnet on the back and it makes for a more interactive word wall. My kiddos really take advantage to the fact that the words are removable. 

This area is my math wall. I plan on keeping anchor charts, math rotation, counting jar, and math mouth words here..... It's .... still a work in progress.

This is the view of the entrance into my room. It's also where I spend the majority of my day. 

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my room! Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I just love taking a peak into other classrooms, and yours is beautiful! Love all the room you have!

  2. I just love taking a peak into other classrooms, and yours is beautiful! Love all the room you have!

  3. Your room is BIG. I am envious!

    1. That is true. I have a huge room. My school is really old and the pods were for third graders when it was first opened.

  4. Where did you get your number/letter rug? I love it!