Color Week

It's official! We have made it a full month whopping in kindergarten. Seeing where these sweet babies were and where they are today is incredible. That first day all I could think is how on Earth am I going to be able to teach my sweet kiddos and get them to learn all of the procedures!!! Well, I don't exactly know how I did it. To be honest I've been running on little sleep and all the days seem to blur together like a big blob.
I have had so many crazy, fantastic, sweet days with my kids and we flew through our color days. Our school makes color days a big huge event. We like to get everyone involved in supporting our kindergarten crew. So we set up a calendar and send it out so that everyone may participate in the color days.

We start off by learning our color song for the day. We read it together and then I have my kiddos go back and glue these into their poetry notebooks. We practice one-to-one and tracking as we sing the song. We circle any of the color words in the poem and OF COURSE COLOR IT!

Afterwards we come back to the carpet and brainstorm all things of that color. I do my best to draw a picture as a visual.

I then give each sweetie a "scramble egg" to cut out. We have a little chant that we sing as we practice scrambling our letters:

** As a little side note. You know that teacher that can make any chant into a cute song?? Yeah, well, I have one of those next to me and I was ecstatic when she turned the scrambled egg chant into something cute and fabulous!

"scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, I like my momma's scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, I like my daddy's scrambled eggs!"

They all laugh like crazy when they hear this song.

When they are done with that we come back to the carpet and read a story that goes along with the color for that day. Here are a few snippets of what we did this week!

The Deep Blue Sea was a fantastic book for introducing retelling. It's also a great way to see how your kiddos do with listening skills and memory. 

After color the sheet, you can have your kiddos partner up and retell the story using the colored picture. 

For Orange day we read the Big Orange Spot and created our own house of our dreams. I really, really, really, love this book y'all. My kiddos catch me saying Mr. Plumbean's words all the time! "My House is me and I am it. My house is where I want to be and it looks like all my dreams." That is truly deep.

For purple, we read Lily's Purple Plastic Purse and my sweeties created their own purse and told what they wanted to be when they grow up.

For a review we read I Love My White Shoes, and had a little directed drawing fun! Afterwards we had our first dive into watercolor.... and boy, oh, boy it was crazy awesome! My kids rocked the house!

So let me confess that not every day was I able to do some over the top craft. I mean, I have to teach right! During the middle of all the color goodness I was deep into the first 20 days and establishing those routines was so very important!

The last day we celebrated rainbows and what better way to do that than with Rainbow Fish!

I had them use a combination of crayons and markers and I created the shiny scale with glitter 3D glue. They come out so cute and the message is great for them at this time of the year.

The important thing for me was to have my kids learn the color songs and practice placing the letters together to spell the words. I also focused on the color song books. This was great for one-to-one.

I know this post is so late, but keeping with the fact that I really want to keep track of my progress and growth I desperately needed to get this post in!

What do you do to teach colors in your classroom?

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