National Dot Day!

Our school celebrated National Dot Day! YUP. You heard me. National. Dot. Day.

You haven't read The Dot. Stop everything and run to your local bookstore and get it! This is a wonderful story of how a teacher {in a simple way} pushes a student to believe in themselves.

So here is what we did. My kiddos knew there was something awesome happening because they were told a week in advance to wear dots to school on the 17th {yes I know National Dot is the 15ish but my school has it's reasons for all the awesomeness} SO. The afternoon before I recruited a couple of kids to help me cut dots. Lots of dots. Dots in every color. Dots in every size.

I even went to the extreme and brought in a discoball machine and had it going for the kids as they entered the room! There were dots every where!!

My kids were so pumped and they came in excited and ready for the day ahead of them. I placed white butcher paper on their tables and I gave them instructions to draw circle on the table. I mean. Awesome. Right!? Who doesn't love drawing on a table!!!

For their attendance, they complete the Daily Data question... Are you wearing dots?

Once all the kids were there and accounted for, I brought them to the carpet for our morning meeting. Here is the message they read.

I know you are all excited to hear my fabulous dot game, right!? Well, here it is. I gave each cupid a white board. I took my dot cards that I created my first year and flashed the dots and had them draw what they saw and record the number. I would play it up every time and say "Oh man, I just know this one is going to stump you.... it's just too hard!" They got me every time. 

Afterwards, I read The Dot to them and we stopped and reflected on Vashti and why the teacher made Vashti make a dot in the first place. My kids were brillant! They made some amazing observations and their questioning was on target. 

I asked my kids to "Make a Mark" on their own dot. I sent them out with a paper plate, marker, crayons, colored pencils, and stickers and they went to town.

We came back together as a class and discussed where we can find dots in the environment. We brainstormed what we could turn our dots into and here is the list they came up with...

I then gave them a dot, construction paper, and handwriting paper to write their sentence and they all went to town.

We've been doing A LOT with names this past week. My brilliant teacher next to me had the idea of letting them dot their names. YES! I was all over it. I typically have my students tear paper on their names for under their inspiration people but this was so perfect and very fitting.

That afternoon my assistant principal came and read the book to us. They LOVED hearing the story from someone other than their boring teacher.

Think about involving special area teachers, janitors, and office staff to come read. The kids love it and it gets everyone involved!

And it wouldn't be a celebration without a special treat. I found these cupcakes at target and the dots were precious. Another teacher gave out DOTS the candy and had her students graph whether or not they liked them. So precious!

Also! Check out what these other cutie teachers did!

I hope this gave you all a little bit of inspiration! This is a definitely MUST do every year for me. 

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  1. Hello Bridget,
    your ideas are really great and I'm in love with your blog an videos!

    Love, Sarah from Germany