A Very Merry Party

Can you believe that Christmas is over. The build is crazy awesome and then you wake up and it's all over. What now? Well, let me tell you..... we have a little Christmas flashback!

I realized that I never blogged about my class Christmas party so I figured that I would do it now. I think that I talked about how this is my 'real' first big party. My Halloween and Thanksgiving party is amazing but a little low key.

I decided to rotations for my party. Here is the low down on the party agenda:

Begin with 5 rotations {15 minutes each}
Read Christmas story
Give students gift
Open stockings
Pack up and take home ornament bags!

There were 5 rotations: 1st - Making reindeer food

Thinking ahead, I already had the labels precut and threaded with ribbon. This cut down on the time it took to wrap each child's bag of reindeer food. I had a parent place a small bag in front of each kiddo and they also had a set of measuring spoons. She instructed each child which spoon to use and how many of each to place inside the bag. Once finished, they sang a little song and shook the bag to make the reindeer food. The mom would help tie them up and the kids got to place them in their bags.

The next station was the roll a snowman station.  I got this from Pinterest last year. I had a mom cut out the pieces last year and all of them are still in great condition!

Can I just say that my team next door had the coolest idea. It is definitely a MUST for next year. She had the kids actually build the snowman sig toilet paper. Precious. Right!?

I had a mom monitor the game and they simply kept playing until it was time to rotate again.

The third was probably the greatest of all the stations. Definitely the one the kids were most excited about. I made this last year and I call it Snowball fight with a snowman. Totally unique right? I'm awful at coming up with catchy names. i tend to leave that for my mister.

The last 'game' was another favorite for some of my kids. It's the game of BINGO. This was another printable from Pinterest. I mean really... what in the world did teachers do before Pinterest? I would love to fly back and see what went down at class parties. Only memory I have is touching icky stuff in buckets and guessing what it was and making ants on a log.

The final of the five stations was the cookie decorating station! This was a new addition to the party last year. Last year I gave my kids a hug feast that none of them ate and it really cut down on the time I had to do the actual rotation part. So this year I decided to cut that out and make a cookie station. I was going to have them eat one cookie and take another home but again with the time. I just didn't have any. So... they decorated and got to take them home and enjoy them later. Problem solved.

Once all was said and done. My sweet class joined me on the carpet while my parents cleaned up. I read the story Santa is Coming to Birmingham

Then I decided to pass out my gifts to my kids. this year I did something different than what i had ever done before. I made scarves. I got this from another fantastic teacher friend. We were rummaging through her Christmas teaching box and we found one and she graciously let me keep it as an idea for the future. So this year I put it to use. I found dome felt from a local fabric store and went to town cutting and knotting. Once all of them were done I purchased boxes from the Dollar store and placed them in the box. They loved this!

Sorry I don't have pictures but at least it's an idea for next year. I purchased 7 yards of fabric and that was enough to do 23 scarves for my son's class and 20 for my own. I even had some left over!

Now that school has been out for a week I am feeling so well rested and I am enjoying the time with my boys and baking up a storm. I even made cupcakes from scratch! Cream cheese icing and all. I was so proud.

I have so much planned for 2016 and I busy thinking of what my New Year's Resolution will be! Any thoughts on how you organize your resolutions? I will be back to share mine. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. 

Love you all!

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