Festive Last Week of School

Last week was the last week for us. I can't believe that there are some sweet teachers out there that still have to work the next few days!!! Y'all are brave as all get out!

So my sweet little school has this grand old Polar Express Day. Yup. That's right the whole school joins in and wears their pajamas, drink hot chocolate and read the Christmas classic The Polar Express. I mean who doesn't love that book. Can I get an AMEN!

If you've seen my December Book Favs video then you know that I am teaching All Around the World using this AMAZING unit. I chose to do Mexico, America, Germany, and Italy for my journey. So I took the pages from the unit and bound them into a book so that it was easier to manage for one and it makes for a quicker process. There is only so much time in the day when you have three million other things you are doing. Right?!

We completed the information sheet and discussed some traditions that we have with our own families. I got this idea from an AMAZING teacher next to me and she recommended getting families involved and having them send in a memory that they can share. At the end of the week all the families that send in a memory are placed in a drawing to win a game or something they would enjoy. This week I chose to send home two math games with pieces and all.

After reading The Polar Express we shared what we would like as the first gift of Christmas and this cute little craftivity. The kids loved this! It was a nice way to make a connection with the book and it's time to get real... it is fun to have a craft.

After the craft we went straight to lunch. I love this schedule because right after lunch we have time for the bathroom and then I have a break while the kids go to PE.

My sister and I got to work and set up the tables in front of the Smartboard and got their plates ready. I had parents send in regular milk, chocolate milk, styrofoam cups, plates, napkins, marshmallows, and donuts.

If you don't use Signupgenius.com for parent sign ups YOU MUST! This is so wonderful. I know what you are thinking... what about my parents who don't have the internet? Well, you can print the list out and send it to those parents a week in advance. Once they have replied to you, you can put their name down and then post to all of your other parents. My entire school uses this for any parties and conferences and it has genuinely saved me. I like how I can quickly go and find my list and review what is still needed even when I am out and about. Plus, it's FREE. Can't beat that!

My sister came and helped me with the set up and with punching the kids' tickets as they entered the room. I handed each kid a ticket in the hallway and told them that they needed it to get into the room. As they entered, my sister punched their ticket with this really cool punch by Martha Stewart.

We went around and passed out drinks. After about forty-five minutes into the movie I cleaned up their tables and passed out this cute packet of Christmas words/color sheets. I placed markers in the center of the tables and they were able to color or watch the movie. This kept them quite entertained. It helped to cut down the restlessness. Some kids really enjoy watching the movie and others lose attention rather quickly. So I wanted something that would allow others to watch.

Other teachers around the school chose to break the movie up and that it another fantastic idea. Unfortunately, with all the other days activities I wasn't able to do that so I went with Plan B.

Towards the end of the movie, all the kids received bells and I passed these out the last five minutes before the bells rang. It gets a little cray when all of them have their bells on.

Overall, I think the day went rather well and I loved how smooth it went. Another great day! Next up is Santa pictures and a class party. I will be back to update you on that!


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