100 Days Down!

Have you made it to the 100 day yet? My school has and we couldn't be more proud and elated. I planned out a jammed pack full day of 100 day activities. With the help of my trusty stead, Pinteret, I felt like I could accomplish it all!

Here is how our day planned out. Two weeks before I sent out this letter about making a 100 day t-shirt at home. I discussed it with students and they were PUMPED! Let me tell you. If you talk about it enough and get them excited they are bound to stay on top of getting it done. I've had those moments where Ian comes running to me repeating word for word what his teacher said.

When students entered the classroom they were greeted with a gigantic 100 day banner! I am so lucky to have a husband that is supportive with everything I do because his sweet self helped to put all these things together.

They all thought it was the coolest thing to walk through the banner. I was even impressed that it stayed up for so long! Way to go scotch tape!!!!

In the classroom, they got right to work putting together their 100 day hats. Every year I have done something a little different. All of them were along the lines of the same idea but still different. This year... I LOVE how they turned out and it is a definite keeper. I had stamps and stickers at their tables in little baskets and students were to build 10 on 10 separate strips. I added a little bend to give them a funky look and kids slapped a label on front and we were good to go.

Afterwards, we went to the carpet for our morning meeting and building our I Can Read 100 Words anchor chart. The kids were so pumped once we started filling the words in. They honestly did not believe that they could read 100 words. They are such smarties.

During writing we talked about how we are such a bunch of smarty pants. We took out pictures of what we have done in the past and discussed all the cool events and things we have done as a class. I had a coworker come in my room that is an ESL teacher and she had the brilliant idea of creating a timeline using the pictures. BRILLIANT! RIGHT!? So we quickly whipped together the timeline and I could not be more satisfied. I think I will continue using this for the remainder of the year and add our learning as we go. 

They completed a writing about their favorite day and made their own Smarty Pant craft to go along with it. They came out cute!

During reading we wrote about being one hundred and read some terrific books about the 100th day!

I loved this book and it was so funny that my teacher friend next door to me had a little girl in her class who had a birthday on the 100th day AND her class was hard at work reading 100 books. How perfect!

During math we had a fun rotation scheduled. We made 100 day ice cream cone...

100 Gumball Machine...

AND dotted to 100...

When it was all said and done we put all of our hard work in these little pockets. I took a long piece of construction paper, folded it in half, and slapped this label over it. Done. And done. 

To make a memorable ending we ended our 100 day festivities with a runway show of our t-shirts that students made at home. I was so proud of all my kids and they looked amazing! I rolled out some red paper and spread confetti all over. I turned on the disco ball and pulled out the Kidz Bop music. As I presented each kid they did their little walk and we all clapped and cheered them on! I was so proud of all their work and this was a fantastic way to celebrate everything they have accomplished. They are truly 100 days smarter!

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