Never Too Late for Some Love!

Hey all! Wow what a month for me! I've had two sweet boys that just keep catching nasty bugs. First, strep and now a bug.

Today I wanted to share what my kids did over Valentine's week and even throw in a little President's day this week.

We started the week talking about love. I kicked off reading and writing using the book Love is my Favorite Thing by Emma Clark.

This was a new book for me and I was so happy to have found this lovely book. I love the message that it gives. It's about this sweet dog and she starts off by telling all the things that she loves; until one day when everything goes wrong and she starts to get into trouble. Well, she starts to second guess whether her owners still love her and in the end she realizes that they do! How great of a connection can kids make to this text right!? 

So after reading the we created an anchor of things that we love. This lead into my writing time and we started to write an opinion about what we love and why. To make it even more special I had the kids pull together a torn paper heart. 


We finished off the week by completing a close read on my all time favorite Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch. Y'all I love this book. 

For writing we continue our focus on opinions and wrote cards and told why we love them. 

I tied this into math as well since we started discussing shapes. We read the book The Shape of Things. We also read a heart book from  that showed animals made from hearts. We discussed the different animals and I gave my kids a bunch a hearts and let them have at it on the cards for their parents. They came out super cute.

Speaking of math, the previous week we focused our instruction on arrangements of numbers and becoming fluent in the arrangements of 5-7. Here are a couple of pictures of our math workshop.

So on Friday we had our Valentine's Day party. Each kiddo brought in Valentine's for their friends and we made these cute Valentine's bags. 

Speaking of Valentine's I snapped a picture of the ones that I made for my boys teachers. 

Inside of the bag I placed a small lotion, germ-x and sprinkled in some hershey kisses. This was perfect for them and me. Ian has two teachers and Blaine has four so finding budget friendly gifts can be challenging. 

For Ian's class I found these cute Star Wars printables and they were a hit. Ian even said that I was an awesome mom!!!! Win!

For my class I whipped up these labels that saved on ink and went to Target to get these little finger lights. 

Here is a look at what my room was like during the passing out of the goodies. 

Do you see the cute paper plate heart hats? This was so easy to whip together. After they passed out their valentines they were ready to make their book. I used the same book as I did last year and it went over so well. 

Overall, I think it went really well! I was so proud at how well my kiddos did but let me tell you I was exhausted after the party which meant no time for organizing. I went straight home and enjoyed some QT with my family.

Thanks for reading and let me know your favorite activity you did during Valentine week in the comments. 


  1. I love that card book! I've never seen that before. So cute

  2. I just discovered your blog and have spent the last hour looking at all of your great ideas. If you have the time,I would love a copy of your card book.
    Thanks so much for all of your great ideas.