Make it RAIN!

Today was an amazing fun filled day and I am so excited to share it with you all. So we are in the middle of learning about weather and clouds this week. In writing our focus is on 'how to ' writing. Reading is a focus on inferring meaning of unknown words and comparing illustrations to text. I wanted to make sure that I was tiring all of this in and I DID IT! *Totally just felt like me 2 year old

I started the morning off with the experiment process. I absolutely love brain pop jr.! We build our anchor chart on the process and then we dived in. I posed the question: Why does rain fall from clouds? We discussed the hypothesis or prediction as my kiddos like to call it and they wrote their thinking on a sticky note and posted it on our anchor chart.

Once they have the question and their prediction I modeled how to begin the experiment. This is new for some of my students and I wanted to help them along the way a bit. So I showed them the first two steps of making the cloud, and where the materials were located and sent them on their merry way.

They did surprisingly well with gathering their materials and working with partners.

After the experiment my students had library, recess then snack. Thinking ahead I knew I wanted to sit back down and discuss the process with them and the steps they took to complete the experiment and what they observed; so I decided that while they were in library I would make a short video of  the entire process for them. It wasn't the best but it did the job. 

As we were watching the video I paused many times to ask questions and get their observations. Once we were done I had my students complete the following sheet:

Click on the picture to get the copy for free or click here

It was interesting to see some of the responses and the level of thinking some of my students are at. 

To incorporate the 'how to' writing I had my students go back and write the steps to complete the experiment. 

At the end of the day my students were walking out talking about how much fun they had today! I say that is a five star rating!!!!!! 


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