Field Trip, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day Tea!!!! OH MY!!!!

What a crazy week this is for me! Between a field trip, Cinco de Mayo and a Mother's Day Tea on Friday we are busy busy busy!

So I have a few ideas for you guys.

Let's start with Cinco de Mayo. I have quite a few hispanics in my classroom and being that my sweet family is from Mexico it was only fitting that we talk about my culture and that of so many sweet kiddos in my class.

We start the day with reading these books. They are informative and just so dang cute.

After reading the informational book we talked about ur learning and I would have my students write an information text with an opinion during writing.

The next activities are crafty and fun. Sometimes it's okay to have fun. Especially when you are nearing the end of school and all you want is to enjoy those sweet babies.

So first up in our crafty house of Cinco de Mayo fun is a sombrero. A party just isn't a party without a sombrero. So I use a large brown paper to cut out the hat.  Then I used black construction paper to create the band. The students got to decorate their sombrero using small color squares of paper. They are so precious!

We also made a Mexican flag (clipart from the internet) and a popsicle stick, and an amazing maraca from a plastic Easter egg! These were a blast!

At the very end of it we had a little dance and parade.

The kids love dancing around a learning a little more about each other. It's a great way to bring a little culture into your classroom.

Then comes Mother's Day Tea. What a week. Right!?!? So I invite all the moms to come on Friday morning first thing for a special treat and small breakfast. I set up a buffet area with a drinks, fruit, muffins (that I made) and tea.

I get the fabulous pink table covers from the Dollar Tree and set up their Mother's Day mats and flowers. Each kiddo has a baggie with Conversation Starters from Jodi Southard. This way they have something to talk about at their tables. 

Here is a look at what we did last year as their gift and table setup. 

This year I am changing it up a little bit and making a different flower bouquet and gift. 

I purchased the tea towels from Walmart. It comes in a pack of 5 for $4.38 (is what I paid). I used fabric paint for the handprint, stem and leaves and a black sharpie for the words. I think they came out precious. I even made this one with my two boys hand prints. It's on my oven right now!

At the very end of the tea I play a sweet slide show of my students outside on the playground. I had each child tell me what they love about their mom and I typed that in. I add my favorite song When I'm With You by JJ Heller. This is the song that my older son and I danced to when I married my husband. Ian now refers to it as "our" song. Love that kid to pieces. 

At the end of the tea all the moms are crying and loving on those sweet babies. It's such a beautiful moment! I cry every year partly because the song is so special to me, partly because I love all my kiddos and partly because I'm realizing that it is getting closer to the end of the year. 

Either way, I love doing this for my moms to show how much I appreciate them for all they do and for trusting me with their sweet children. They make what I do worth every minute of every day. 


  1. Wow! That was a lot of work! You did great as always. Hugs from Brazil

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