What's the weather in March?

It's finally March and I am so ready for spring to arrive! If you are one of the lucky people that already have spring in the air, I'm jealous! I even went out and bought a couple of dresses in hopes that it will bring spring a little faster.

So I typically would have taught weather in kindergarten during this month; so I decided to do a little video on all the activities that I would have my kiddos do during this time.

You can find my Weather Super Centers in my store! Click HERE for a quick link up.

This will make your life so much easier and gives your students authentic practice with skills and information they are learning. Tying the social studies and science content in the younger grades is incredibly important. I believe that it truly helps to solidify the knowledge that is being taught.

So I have a little freebie for you to get you excited about the change in weather! Click HERE to get your copy.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful start to your March. Happy Reading... XOXO


  1. I was watching your video when you got rid of your guided reading table. I've taught K-5, but I am currently in year two of teaching first. My new school has pretty tiny rooms (built in 1940!) and I was wondering as a former K teacher, do you think it could work for me?

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