Hello BLC Members! I am so very excited to share with you something that I have been working on for the past two months. I have officially developed Bridging Literacy lesson plan templates that will make implementing the BL method within your classroom easier.


There are four specific templates that you will choose from depending on the lesson topic, but keep in mind that you WILL use all four templates for each lesson that you teach. They all tie together!


The first template is engagement and vocabulary day. This is when I would read the mentor text that I have selected for my students. I focus on engaging them in the text by asking questions both literal and literal. I also use this time to discuss vocabulary and the context clues that we use as readers to understand unknown words.


The second template is the reading skill. This lesson plan format relies on the engagement and vocabulary lesson plan in order to model the reading skill that you are wanting to teach. You will state the purpose of the lesson, discuss what you read previously and model the skill for your students, then you will give students a quick opportunity to practice the skill together in a group. Finally, you will send them off to practice.


The third template connects the reading skill to the writing skill. Now students are going to look more closely at the craft of the author as it applies to the reading skill you have taught. For example, if you are teaching the skill of character change you will want to examine how the author describes the change to the reader. This is what your students will try and mimic.


Finally, the template for grammar and word study is looking specifically at your mentor sentence. This planning template will help you be more focused on your lesson and have learners be able to duplicate in their own writing.


Within every template, you will notice that there is a location for an “activity”. This is completely optional and based on your learners' abilities and their need for additional scaffolding or practice. There are some standards that I may use the activity more in order to ensure that my students are truly grasping the concept.


I’d love to know what you all think and share an image of a lesson plan template that you’ve completed down below!

Hello there BLC members! Today, I wanted to share with you all an example lesson that I would use over the course of a week.


This lesson is a fifth grade lesson on comparing characters within a fictional text. Learners are also getting closer to the end of their creative writing and this is the final lesson where they are revising their writing and adding more show versus telling sentences.


This will hopefully help you to understand how the lessons planning templates all work together to make a scaffolded and integrated lesson.


Hope you all have a great week!