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BRIDGING LITERACY an online literacy community dedicated to helping upper elementary teachers like YOU!

The BLC Will Open For New Members Soon!

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Stop spending countless hours planning your lessons and start taking back that time while also growing as an effective literacy teacher. 


  • Time is limited in your ELA block to hit everything you have to teach. 

  • Your students have a wide range of abilities making it time consuming to plan.

  • You struggle with knowing what to teach because of little professional development for your standards.

  • You have limited curriculum or resources to help you plan your daily lessons. 

  • Planning is time consuming and a struggle to maintain week after week. 

  • Creating engaging lessons is challenging due to time constraints and abilities. 

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Are you thinking… “Amen, this is me to the T!”
Then we have good news for you…. Teaching reading and writing shouldn’t feel this way.

Tidy Desk

The Bridging Literacy Community was created specifically for YOU!

The BLC Will Open For New Members Soon!

This community is committed to helping you become a master of your standards and save your time and sanity when planning and teaching your lessons.


  • To have a hub that guides you in understanding your standards.

  • To have a collection of resources and mentor texts that help you in crafting authentic and relatable lessons. 

  • To have a proven method for delivering lessons that saves you time each week when preparing your lessons.

  • To have real support from teachers and a team that is in the classroom.

  • To spend less time planning and finding resources for your lessons and more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

  • To know what and how you can help all of your students no matter their learning style and level.

... then, my friend, you are in the right place...

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The BLC is where you can find all of this!

The BLC Will Open For New Members Soon!

The Bridging Literacy Community is a membership for literacy teachers grades 3-6 that is packed with unpacking anchor standards, a roadmap to building the ideal literacy block and resources to support you along the way.

Here's what you get...

Unpacking Anchor Standards for 3rd-6th Grade

The community will have 20+ videos for unpacking anchor standards 3rd-6th grade. Each standard will have an explanation, examples, scaffolded learning targets, editable templates for activities and a list of mentor texts to help you plan your lessons. You will become a master of your content that will result in less time planning and more time doing what you love. 

Roadmap to Developing Your Ideal Literacy Block

Planning out your ELA block is hard, especially when you have a short time to fit everything in. Bridging Literacy is a method that not only connects reading and writing but also reduces your instructional time so that you can meet with learners and still cover all your standards. 

Quarterly Exclusive Resources to Engage Your Students

You will receive a free 3-5 day unit that will increase the rigor and engagement of your class. This will come in the form of learner activities with accompanied lesson plans or read aloud breakdowns filled with guiding questions and activities to craft an interactive read aloud using our favorite chapter books! 

Community Selected Teacher Training Videos

The community will recieve exclusive training videos on essential practices for organization, management and on key literacy strtagies in order to help you grow as a professional. All the training videos will be offered with professional development credit certificates. 

Access to the Private Community Facebook Group

All Bridging Literacy community members receive access to the private Facebook group. In this group, you will collaborate with fellow BLC members, gain access to live Q&A chats with me, and find the support you need to become the teacher you desire. 

30% OFF all Resources in my Store All the Time!

Finding the right resources can be challenging, thats's why we are offering all BLC members 30% off of all resources in my store... ALL THE TIME. Find the essentials for building your ideal learning block and supporting all of your learners with the reading and writing. 


YES! I'm ready to join the community!

The BLC Will Open For New Members Soon!

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