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After years of studying literacy instruction and personalization, it quickly became evident that the two did not exist in harmony. I have crafted a method that combines authentic reading and writing instruction into one lesson. Not only does this decrease the amount  instruction while increasing the time for one-on-one conferences but it provides a basis of understanding and growth for learners. 

The time that is spent within small group can prove to give the most significant results, but how  can you effectively manage the time and other learners in order to make it valuable? Identify the components needed in order to  craft relevant, purposeful and rigorous mini lessons. 

The importance of developing 21st century skills within the classroom has become more and more necessary in order for students to be ready for the workforce. Establishing a classroom where learners want and need to take ownership of their learning is a big step towards developing many skills that will benefit them in the future. 

In a society where everything is customized to fit our needs, it is important to  consider how to personalize the educational experience of our students.  Reaching each individual at their level can feel like an overwhelming challenging, but with the right tools can be completely manageable and amazingly beneficial. 

The ideology of students of the same age range being able to perform academically within the same parameters has proven to be only…. With more districts exploring multiage programs, understanding the tools and structures necessary to make the program successful is important. 

Custom topics are available upon request. Keep in mind that my expertise is within the parameters of literacy, personalization, productivity and project-based instruction. Further exploration of topics can be negotiated. 

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