Teaching your students to pick up on the context clues while defining an unknown word in a text can be challenging. Offer your students the opportunity for practice using these simple vocabulary task cards. 

You can use these in small group as a warmup activity. Have partners share one, complete one as an entire group or give each learner their own copy. Students can use a white or the recording sheet provided (2 options available) to determine the context clue provided, the meaning of the word and how the context clue helps them in understanding the word. 

You can also use the task cards as an independent practice during your Literacy Block. Keep the cards (laminated) and copies of recording sheet in an area of your room. Students can complete as needed. When finished, grade their work and schedule a conference to review their answers and reteach. Students can correct the task cards missed for a resubmission. 

Vocabulary Task Cards.jpg