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RL: Anchor 4 | MENTOR TEXT

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Because vocabulary is integrated into all the texts that we read with our students, this page is more about HOW to provide vocabulary instruction to your students. 

Let's begin with the important part of vocabulary instruction. Vocabulary MUST be taught as you are reading a specific text, not in isolation. 

Part of what Bridging Literacy helps teachers is to define a method for ensuring all components of literacy instruction are being taught. If you have followed the 10 Part Series for Bridging Literacy you might know that Bridging Literacy is derived of units. Each unit has a focus for writing and reading skills that are combined to support your students in writing. 

Each unit lasts for around a month. Within this month there are four reading skills that are taught. Each skill will last a week and follow the same lesson formats:


  • Day 1 of Lesson: Engage in Text and Vocabulary

  • Day 2 of Lesson: Reading Skill/ Strategy Lesson

  • Day 3 of Lesson: Author's Craft/ Writing Focus

  • Day 4 of Lesson: Grammar/ Word Study

  • Day 5 of Lesson: Reflection

During the first day, you are engaging discussing and working to comprehend the story that will drive all the lesson for the next four days. Students need to understand what the story is about before being able to use complex skills and strategies. 

As you read, you will have 3 vocabulary words.


  • The first word you come across while reading in the text is the model. You will model your thinking on how to define the meaning using context clues.

  • The second word is group/partner practice. This is where you are able to give explicit feedback to students. Have them try it in front of you using an organizer or a whiteboard. 

  • The final word is the independent practice. Students will complete the final word independently and turn it in as an assessment. 

Remember, you do not have to have multiple words for your students to complete! Instead be strategic and consistent each week and your students will increase in their understanding.