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POV Poster Legal Size.JPG


Anchor charts are a great resource to have in your classroom. When you take the time to teach students how to use and reference an anchor chart as you work, it can be a powerful tool. However, anchor charts can be large and cumbersome to manage. To make things more easy, I have created a POV anchor chart the size of legal paper. Print this anchor chart and laminate for durability. Have students reference as need to help them work through discussion, questions and prompts. 

Character Interviews.JPG


Character interviews are a great way to help students understand the perspective and take on the persona of a character within a story. In advance, you will want to identify the text for this activity. ​From there you can either choose a character that students will take on the persona from or give your students choice. Then, design 4-6 questions that learners will answer as that character from the text. As a higher level activity, you can have learners design the questions as a group. This activity is an editable document so that you may insert your questions. 

Compare and Contrast Page.JPG


Comparing and contrasting is an important skill at all grade levels. Having a consistent organizer that allows learners to utilize the maximum space will encourage learners to add more information. This organizer can be use for any standard or text to have learners compare and contrast content. 

Letter from the Charcater.JPG


Letter from the character is an opportunity for students to take on the persona as a character from the story. Students can write to another character or even to the reader of the text. To begin choose a story. For example, take the story Each Kindness. You could have Chloe write a letter to Maya at the very end of the text or vice versa. To give students focus, provide learners with an essential question to help them with their writing. This is also a great time to discuss how to format and write a letter. 

POV Writing.JPG


Encourage understanding between first and third person perspective through the use of images and writing. This resource comes with 6 images that will help to spark stories. Learners will begin by writing down what they notice from the image. From there, they will write a short 3-5 sentences from first person and from third person point of view. Learners can share their writing with the class or have these posted for everyone to read. 



This sort comes with two different sets. You have a first, second and third person point of view sort and the next is a variations of third person sort. Print onto colored paper (To help with management and cleanup, make each set a different color so that it is easy to organize). Students will work with a small group or in pairs to read each short text and sort into the correct category. You can check students work and discuss as a class when finished.  This is a great activity to get students started in small group as a review. ​