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Every month your membership will provide you with lesson plans to use in your classroom. This will help to take some of the pressure off of planning and give you engaging/ rigorous activities for your students. Be sure to download the resource as it will only be available for the month of its release. 

Check back each month to see what comes included with your membership!


Available Until January 15th

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3rd/ 4th COMING SOON

This month's resource is a WHO DONE IT! (Princess Switch 3 style). In this resource your grades will be focusing on identifying who stole the painting by analyzing a timeline of events and looking closely at their each character's role. Students will analyze pictures to find clues, and complete their investigation with a text dependent analysis. You can view the video below to learn more on how to set up this highly engaging lesson!

Currently, the 5/6 version is only available. There will be a guided version for 3/4 that is released on December 27th.  Please look at the BLC Calendar for further releases this month.