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I've never been much to maintain notebooks in my classroom, in any subject. This booklet, allows me to have my learners use a "notebook" that focuses them on the unit we are learning, maintains a progression and allows for them to reflect on their learning.

At the beginning of the year, I focus on teaching whole group to build community, set expectations, discuss routines and have all learners practice skills that Good Readers use during reading workshop. This is a time for me to make observations, have conversations with my learners, and assess if possible.

When using this book, (please note: these are not detailed plans. I encourage you to use your lesson plans with this booklet) I will model a strategy with a picture book (book list provided) and send my students back out to practice the skill using their own books and this student booklet for them to record in. 10-15 minutes before workshop is over, we come together to share the startgy and how students used the stratgy during independent reading.

This product come with:

- Full page version of the student booklet

- Half page version of the student booklet

- Book suggestions for the teacher

- How to Use this product page

Inside the Student Booklet:

- Cover page

- Five Finger Rule when choosing a just right book

- Choosing books by topic

- Building Stamina

- Questioning

- Connections Anchor Chart & Practice page

- Making predictions

- Making inferences

- Visualize (with words and pictures)

- Summarize (not the whole book... what you've read so far)

- Reflect

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